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15-03-2018, 09:51 AM
Hi All,
New to this site ,just looking for help with my vmc 300 , plugged machine into the mains powered it up ,closed machine doors pressed all reset buttons ,connected the air to the machine 80psi set , machine work light /coolant pump /control panel lights up/spindle runs but know movements with regard to xyz axis in manual mode or automatic , looked into back of electrical cabinet one pc board as 3 led lit 1 red and 2 greens, only just purchased this machine with all its original software which i installed on an old computer with xp which went without a glitch,the y &z axis seem to wind by hand easy enough when i removed the covers and when i tried to home the y axis it move out ok but seemed to get to the very end were it appeared to may be go to far were it seemed to pulse at the end , not seen any other movements with regard to x & z and also tool changer doesn,t seem respond , i understand by the manual you have to reference z first , any help with regard to checking relays/ led's on boards e.t.c to get the machine to reference and work as it should in manual mode would be a good start.
I have read lots of post on conversions to mach 3 which sounds like an option but i would just like to use the machine in its std form with the original cad design software which is all present an correct and seems to have full service history and been updated from new.
Not quite sure whether you reference the machine in manual mode or automatic mode as the manual states by pressing both Z+ & Z- at the same time the press both y+ & y- and then both x+ & x- .
The machine itself appears in reasonable condition but as been in storage for many years hope you guys n gals out their with boxford vmc experience can help , only had the machine a few days .


14-08-2021, 08:34 PM
Hi Andy Do you still use the VMCi 300 ?