View Full Version : HELP! Best spindle for only sculpting oak?

Tom Aylwin
17-04-2018, 02:59 PM
I'm looking for a spindle to replace my Porter-Cable router mounted in an old Boxford. This set up has done me really well but I need a new spindle as my co-workers are getting a bit tired of the noise.

- pretty much all of my work is 3d carving in oak and the roughing cutters I use are up to 6mm diameter [ball nose].
- Run-times are frequently up to 8 hours most of which is using a 3mm ball nose.
- the Boxford is enclosed twice over with its own and my home-made housing so things get warm!
- the Porter-Cable feels possibly over-powered for the job and is very noisey.

- I need to replace the spindle - weight for weight - at around 2.5kg...
- as QUIET as possible and
- with a collet up to 6mm but would consider up to 8mm...so collet ER11 or 16 I think

Is there such a thing as a nice quiet lightweight spindle and VFD that's virtually plug and play?!

Any help gladly received.

Footnote: I am a bit of an idiot when it comes to electronics:nevreness: