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25-05-2018, 04:22 PM
Hi all

first i would like to say hello and that i am total beginner and me being me i have opted to buy a used AXYZ 4008 YOM 2000, hey go big or go home i say..

Anyway after trying to get information from AXYZ about updating the software they just send stupid links to software and answer the question i am asking... which is.

can i just update the pc and buy new software without having to update anything on the machine (AMC) and also could i just buy the USB to RS485 converter off amazon instead of there seriously over priced version (358 cough cough:greedy_dollars:)

the machine is running the old version of toolpath and what other options do i have to update to??

many thanks in advance

25-05-2018, 11:24 PM
What issues are you encountering and what would you like a solution to allow you to achieve.
I ask these questions because you have not mentioned machine virtualisation or RS 485 PCIE cards.

25-05-2018, 11:33 PM
I am finding the software to old for me to use and also I am not sure how long this pc will last ( 18 Years old already) so easier to replace and update all at the same time.

Now AXYZ do there USB to RS485 BUT they want 357 for it so could I just use one from eBay or Amazon or use a serial PCIE card in new pc?


26-05-2018, 10:07 PM
Why do you think the software is too old?I have had the experience of recommissioning an AXYZ 6010 with the horrible Toolpath software and as long as we kept to XP there was never a problem with the actual software.The problem was that the age of the software limited the system to the use of file names with no more than eight characters (obviously it pre-dated Windows 95!) but in practice the machine did what we needed.Rather than throwing money at an upgrade,why not just get on with cutting some parts to see how you get on?

I found that the machine manual was at the very least quirky and suspected that the native language at AXYZ was French and the translation was shall we say interesting... For example,using the tool length sensor to determine the tool length was described as "qualifying the tool".I was fortunate enough to have a CAM system to generate the toolpaths and didn't have to learn the ways of the software to work from a dxf file input.

I would strongly suggest that you get the machine ready to run and then move on to learning more about the joys of the commands called up by F4,F8,F9,F12,F25(if you have a tool length sensor),F35 and F36.

If you can generate a series of commands for the machine,it will be a good idea to try your toolpath in fresh air at first and you may be surprised at where the machine tries to cut the part.One other thing to avoid is deleting old cutting files from the controller while running a job.I have done this to free up some space and what should have been the same part cut again wasn't as the control had selected the cutting file at a similar position relative to the first file name in the controller memory.Unfortunately,the selected file was for a piece cut from thicker material and while I was close to the machine,the spoilboard received a fairly deep gouge before I hit the stop button.All in all it is a useful and versatile machine after you get used to it's peculiarities.

26-05-2018, 10:23 PM
Hi Mate

Many thanks for your reply and i guess i am just not to use to something that looks really old on a windows 95 machine lol, i will giving it another go this week to see how i get on and hopefully get some sense from it?

I did want to know if i could just update toolpath software without having to upgrade the 4008 boards or anything ?? is this something you may know?

also what other software would you recommend to work with that is idiot proof for me, i have downloaded the free trail of Vcarve Pro to see how it is and i seem to be getting on with it to a point but this is on a new pc at home and not the workshop.

any help is always appreciated and thank you again.


29-05-2018, 11:31 PM

I managed to find some instructions for the old toolpath software and had a mess around to with great success but the problem I have now is the cad software which is pants, can you recommend something easy and good at the same time.

Thanks again for your great advice.


30-05-2018, 10:52 PM
Its always encouraging to learn of progress.From memory,there is at least one test example in the controller of the machine and I believe it is called "circle" I don't know if running it would help you along-but it might be safer to remove the cutter first.

The mention of cad programme is interesting-which is it?For some basic stuff there are several free cad programs that will generate .dxf files and you may have the inclination to try turning one onto a workable tool path.Can't help with that as I always used a cam program.If you intend to use a cam system it shouldn't be too hard to get a good outcome,just be aware that some are very expensive and you may have to pay even more for a suitable post processor.If you want to see what real indignation looks like you need to visit the Mastercam forum when somebody new asks for a free copy of a post processor.....

There are programs such a dxf2 cnc for turning an outline into G-code and you then have to add depths and tool radius offsets-Inkscape is getting more useful too even though it seldom works for me.Alternatively you might take a look at Heekscad or Freecad for toolpaths.Be aware that they take a bit of learning and Freecad is almost wonderful,but an absolute nightmare to get to grips with.For modest money compared to the industrial heavyweights,the various Vectric offerings are highly recommended.

31-05-2018, 07:36 PM
I would suggest using a more modern CAD (and/or CAM) package that can produce files in the required format.

Most of these kinds of systems had very poor built in CAD systems, that being realistic/honest, were horrendous to use. Most were usable, but often had very poor usability, along with lots of quirks, that made them hard to use, even if you knew them well.

07-01-2022, 04:58 PM
you need the AXYZ DMC software and the usb to RS 485 converter . then you can use your choice of CAM software. the DMC program is included in AXYZ's software suite for the original AMC operating systems.

25-05-2023, 09:58 AM
get a generic converter, use whatever CAM software you want, spend 50 dollars or pounds or whatever on an old XP Pro machine and then go to AXYZ website and buy the 100 dollar old AMC software disc. it has EVERY SINGLE THING you will ever need on it. the training manual, ALL the drivers (yes the the converter one you need) all the operating systems, and 72 pages of wiring diagrams. You will need the DNC program to send the files. you really dont even need the twenty year old computer, i can run both the DNC and that wonderful ToolPath program on my windows 10 laptop. The whole thing about old machines needing old computers is all the old guys getting to laugh at Gen X'ers hunting down vintage hardware and trying to figure out Vista and XP.

if they arent selling the disc anymore let me know, i think it might be safe to upload somewhere if they arent trying to make money off it anymore,

on my second edit here, the disc is 200 dollars. sorry, still worth it.

25-05-2023, 10:07 AM
Wonderful toolpath program? Now I have seen everything! I thought it was an abomination and barely workable,but I have a much higher regard for XP than for any subsequent Windows version.

25-05-2023, 10:51 AM
. my first 4 years of programming were spent with toolpath. back then, it actually was pretty powerful program. it just took a lot of patience to figure it out. don't misread that, i dont like the program. but it was free and it did 3 dimensional work. now you you have to buy a separate program just to do 2D work. its like going to school to learn CAD and spending the first year with a pencil and straight edge. a bit frustrating but in the end its knowledge the kids wont ever have.
XP is fine. we really do have an XP pro laptop out in the shop running a ten year old version of Cut 2D pro. Yes it works, but it only has one job it can do. and that's not because it cant, there's just nothing out there for it. no support, no programming. the only browser that will even acknowledge its existence is the one microsoft killed last year for being too outdated. i grew up in the era of windows 95. i love these older machines. however, open file explorer in XP and file explorer in 10 and do a search and tell me you still prefer XP. the dog and paperclip were cute, but they had their day.

25-11-2023, 05:25 PM
you need the AXYZ DMC software and the usb to RS 485 converter . then you can use your choice of CAM software. the DMC program is included in AXYZ's software suite for the original AMC operating systems.

It's actually called DNC but yes, this is all you need to get code across.

28-11-2023, 11:26 AM
If you have the original AXYZ CD,the Toolpath program should be on it and it will allow you to send the Gcode directly to the controller in one very slow process.I believe the baud rate is 9600.The DNC program sends smaller blocks at frequent intervals until the machining sequence is complete.I must admit to never running a program that exceeded the memory capacity of the controller,even with some 3D objects.