View Full Version : Newbie: Boxford VMC 190, tool holder stuck and need a parts diagram / user manual

01-07-2018, 07:38 AM
Hello all

I've just acquired a Boxford VMC 190 from ebay. It is missing its spindle cover, but other than that, mechanically it looks good.

I will be upgrading it to Mach3.

I need help with the following:-

1. Parts diagram / User manual
2. A few pics of the spindle cover.
3. What is the small box attached to the left of the spindle cover ?
4. Tool holder does not drop out when i move the drawbar handle up or down. Where should the handle be to remove it, and how do I remove it as its stuck (Machine been stood for a while.


Is there some good write ups / instructions to upgrading the machine to Mach 3 ?

IS there any dismantling instructions for the machine (spindle/slides) for a deep clean ?