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20-07-2018, 04:12 PM
Just got a uc300eth but having problems doing the network setup. Problem is that the user manual appears to assume vista or later whereas I'm on XP (which is supposed to be supported right?).

The stumbling block comes at page 5 of the UC300ETH_manual.pdf where it says: "click the Start menu and the Control panel and open the Network and Sharing center".

Great, no problem... except of course that XP doesn't have a "Network and Sharing center". I've googled away trying to find if there's an XP equivalent but drawn a blank.

I emailed Balazs who got back to me with "I think it is called network connections or something like that". Well... yes there is of course "view network connections" but it shows nothing like the "Network and Sharing center" appears to show in the manual. Plus all that's listed is my PC LAN - no sign of the UC300ETH.

Here's the numbers:

XP (Home) SP3.
UCCNC software loaded (V1.2047), licensed.

The UC300ETH is connected into a router (rather than direct into the PC NIC).

I can see the card in the router's list of attached devices and I can ping it from any PC on my net.

The on-board LEDs are:

The green 'Link' Led lights so there is an active connection to the router.
The orange LED is blinking away merrily so packets are being received or transmitted by the board.
The green (power) LED is on solid (so no codes blinking)
The blue LED is on solid so merrily chatting with the software.

So anyone set one of these things up on XP and care to share?


20-07-2018, 05:09 PM
if the blue light is on its talking.
if you open uccnc does it start up or show demo mode choose controller menu?

20-07-2018, 05:11 PM
if your using a router (network router) - its probably connected already via dchp.
my advice is for running the machine- direct connect uc300 to the pc with an ethernet crossover cable.

21-07-2018, 01:42 AM
Does this help?

It basically gets you to the place you are looking for.

21-07-2018, 10:04 AM
@Batwell - thanks, you're on the money. It turns out it's all working just fine and apparently just set itself up. No need for all the malarky in the UG. That'll teach me not to RTFM. :topsy_turvy:

@Gerry - thanks (non taken BTW:friendly_wink:) the problem was though, as I said, the only net showing was my LAN, no sign of the card so step 3 of the dummies guide wasn't possible.