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01-12-2018, 03:03 PM
Hello all.

Had a recent commission to make a one-off brass sign with a rather large area that needed gloss black resin... I did the metalwork on the new(ish) gantry router that Clive and I built last summer (with his help I'll be upgrading it to two screws on the long axis in the not too distant). There was a bit of resonance, but nothing that caused any problems. I'm happy to go slow to keep those cutting forces low...


I used 0000 Grade steel wool to de-burr and 'relax' the sharp machined edges before polishing and cleaning it a few times over.

25187 25188 25189

My DIY resin approach is fine for smaller scale stuff, but for this rather large job I took the resin work out of house to a company in Hockley, Birmingham - Capricorn Coating Services - the results are superb. A few pics:

25190 25191 25192

Before commencing work I drilled and tapped four shallow M6 holes to the rear of the plate - these will accept 60mm studs that will get epoxied into four holes drilled in the wall. Overkill..? Probably..


01-12-2018, 08:46 PM
Lovely job Wal!
Though we expect nothing less of you ;-)

- Nick