View Full Version : Csmio-IPM wiring A nema 17 TB6600 driver Z axis THC

14-02-2019, 08:41 PM
Hi there,

I have A technical question For the wiring of a TB6600driver and a nema 17 motor to the csmio-ipm controller. Our X (slave) and Y axis are running nema 23 motors, we want to place a lighter motor (nema 17 on to our Z axis to move our plasma torch with torch hight control!?
does anyone know how to wire the TB6600 driver to the cosmic-ipm controller?

our nema 23's are driven bij dm542A (longs motors) driver hooked it up and it worked right a way, but we have some trouble connecting the tb 6600 driver (we tried the common-anode connection as suggested in the tb 6600 user guide) but that didn't work we can't figure out how to wire it properly to the cosmio-ipm controller. could some one help us figure this out


Regards Marcel kerkmans