View Full Version : Programming DSE Lite for AC10

23-03-2019, 03:25 AM
Hi guys,

Well the isn't the greatest of starts...Newbie here and an hour ago I thought I'd posted my intro / query...only I can't find it anywhere! Story of my ongoing sorry saga, really.
So, here we go again.
I'm Arthur and I've been happily running my little Chinese router, till both it and the PC blew up! Literally.
PC: PSU - bye-bye. New PSU and we're back.
The router, well, not so easy. I'd have thought is was easy...replace PSU (as in inverter) and...er...no. New Inverter (Parker AC10) needs motor parameters entering. Okay...AC10 accepts motor speeds of 30,000 rpm...my 800W / 400Hz / 220V and...ah: 24,000 rpm, that fits. So off we go?
No chance!
AC10 has only a four digit display.
24,000 = five digits.
I need a PROGRAMMER. Smoke starting. DSE Lite (so I was advised).
Duly purchased (delay upon delay upon delay) and, well the instructions might as well be in Chinese. Apparently I can change font and colour in boxes and...But, where and how the blazes do I actually do any real work and enter just that one single, simple parameter. I don't want it to fly me to the moon; I don't want t remotely multi-function this or that. It is a simple, AC motor that needs to be run up to speed and left alone. It has just one job to do and nothing else. That's it. How do I do it? And preferably in words of one syllable - well, come on. If we're on here, you really are going to get the lesser of the breed - at least for starters and I'm afraid I'm one.
So, Help, please.