View Full Version : Yasnac LX3 310 Error

28-04-2019, 11:20 AM

I am really hoping someone somewhere might be able to help with this.

We have just bought a Kiaturn KT15 cnc lathe which was operating fine before it was moved to us. On arrival and powering up it presented a 310 alarm servo off and also a z over travel.

Now it powers up fine and we can get the hydraulic pump running and up to pressure but when we do that is moves to a 280 machine not ready alarm.

The servo drives have power going to them and there is no fault indicated on the lcd display on the boards. We have tried to check all the e stop circuits to see if one is stuck or open but it seems that's all fine.

We are a bit lost as to what i can now be, I have seen on other forums people having the same issue after the machine has been moved so I am guessing its something thats been knocked or moved in transit.

To add to this when the machine was lifted the z axis travelled far forward towards the chuck under its own steam and also back to the overtravel switch which as I mentioned we cleared by manually moving the ball screw.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - we have the LX3 manual but nothing for the KT15 itself.

Thanks in advance


28-04-2019, 12:52 PM
What I've heard about moving old CNC machines is back up all parameters before moving and also replace any back up batteries/capacitors before final power down & move.

30-04-2019, 07:11 PM

We do have 2 floppy disks with what appear to be the parameters on or so the labels tell us.

I think the problem is down to the fact the whole turret assembly has moved whilst in transit and so is throwing something off. We can manually move the z axis but cannot seem to manually move the x axis at all would this be normal even when powered down? is it likely to have a brake on it to prevent it back driving the ballscrews?

Any more help is greatly appreciated as we are really stuck!