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16-06-2019, 01:28 AM
As I mentioned in another thread, I have had this Super-PID speed controller sitting in a box for six years.

The device is a closed-loop speed controller, which is driven by PWM or 0-5v control. My BoB has 0-10v and PWM, so I chose the latter.
You can look up the device on t'Interweb, so I won't go into details.

First job was to put it in a case, with a holes for the display, two 25mm fans, mains in and out sockets, a 5 way GX16 connector (GND, 5v, PWM, Spindle on and coolant control). I will be using coolant control in my next project. I also fitted a 10k pot and two way switch to go from PWM to manual speed control. I also needed holes for the speed sensor cable and the (optional) temperature sensor. The Triac heat-sink was augmented with a couple of finned heat-sinks I had surplus from another job.

Some of you may have wondered why I waited six years. Simple, the Kress spindle was working fine, so I did not want to risk Sh**ging it up. Parameters changed when the spindle went pop. The brushes had worn out. I checked the motor coils and they were OK, so I ordered new brushes and set about modifying the spindle.

First the On/Off switch and the Kress speed controller came out and the whole spindle cleaned.The rotor was painted white, half of the circumference, just above the commutator and the optical sensor put in to give the speed feedback. The temperature sensor was installed where the switch was, touching the lams of the stator.

Last, new brushes and reassemble. My controller was modified to give the gnd 5v and signals needed to a GX16 5 pin plug and a cable soldered up to connect the Control box and Super-PID.

All connected up and tested. Works like a dream and is much much quieter than the original configuration. Mach 3 set-up was easy.


Lee Roberts
29-07-2019, 11:55 AM
Nice job!