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20-06-2019, 12:21 PM
Thought I'd make myself a portable ice cream spoon/scoop - I've been going a to a fair few classical concerts recently and can't resist a Doddington's Double Ginger in the interval... You get a plastic spoon tucked into the lid, but they're pretty small and quite flexible - last thing you want in polite company is a lump of ice cream stuck to your specs... Anyway, I needed a bit more practice with F360 tool-paths so I modelled one up and got it made.

Here's the 3D model:


And a few pics and videos of what I ended up with:

25944 25945 25946 25947 25948 25949




It looks thin, but it's 7075 - it's as sturdy and unbendable as you could ever want it.

Trickiest part of the job was flipping it to machine the reverse and timing the epoxy just right so it had enough viscosity (as it started going off) to get it into the void between the part and the table and then get the part registered/weighted down in position for it to set. And then releasing it. I boiled the part for twenty minutes, glue didn't fail (meant to fail at 70) - eventually used a combo of epoxy stripper followed by a blowtorch to get rid of a couple of lumps that refused to unstick...

Ludicrous - as described by a friend.

Anyway. Off to a jazz concert on Saturday where I'll be testing it...


20-06-2019, 12:54 PM
Brilliant Wal your work amazes me look forward to the next.