View Full Version : Recycling Brass Scrap into Chunky Keyfob/Bottle-opener

21-06-2019, 01:54 AM
I had a stack of brass plates (with a diamond shaped hole cut out the middle along with 8 fixturing holes) left over from that recent plaque job - I thought about weighing them in, but for the few quid I'd have got I decided I'd make something - chunky brass keyfobs/bottle-openers. I'll likely give a few away for promo purposes and maybe make a bunch which feature smarter artwork, which I'll try and sell. Dunno yet. I've got enough material for 60 of 'em...

Photos below of what I came up with along with a video of in-situ milling down of the fixturing socket cap heads (A270 Stainless) to give me some extra clearance for the round-over pass. I expected it to go a lot worse than it did. No lube, just air, full depth, very small radial cut and spindle set at around 10K.

25961 25960 25959 25963 25962


They feel quite nice in the hand, probably a bit too big to be practical as a key-fob and chances are they'll chew-up a bit with too much usage, but as a bit of a recycling novelty, what the hey.