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22-02-2020, 09:01 AM
Hi, like many of us on here I have a DDCSV 2.1 I've set up I had some initial issues with some code not loading that I generated in Fusion 360.

I read here

Typical workflow:
1. Choose the target setup in CAM module
2. Ensure that operation names doesn't contain symbols that aren't allowed in g-code comments (like parentheses and so on)
3. Select the 'Post Process'
4. Select "FANUC / fanuc" postprocessor
5. Set following properties:
5.1 Allow helical moves - No
5.2 G28 Safe retracts - No (it's a matter of taste)
All other options by default
6. Open the generated file. In the beginning you'll see the following (depends on your setup):
(T1 D=1. CR=0. - ZMIN=-2.5 - FLAT END MILL)
G90 G94 G17 G49 G40 G80
G53 G00 Z0.
7. Remove the 'O1001' line
8. If you haven't setup home switches on your CNC and doesn't use homing sequence before the work - remove G53 lines - both in the beginning and in the end of file - otherwise you could hit limits easily.

That's all. Works for all trajectories I've tested. With custom T.nc (simple M5 M0) manual tool change with probe is working and so on.

And one more thing (see other discussions in this forum) - I'm not using the diameter correction in the controller, using F360 CAM for this.

So I turned off helical moves and removed 01001, I have home switches and use G28 so just left that alone,

Now all code seems to work I generate in Fusion works although still having "Other issues" which need to work out if hardware or software related.

How have other DDCSV users got their post processor's in Fusion setup?

And how do I do a tool change including probe using Fusion 360 and the DDCSV?

23-02-2020, 12:21 PM
Hi Desertboy

I have been using the FANUC – Inverse Time and A-axis / fanuc with a-axis direct from the Autodesk Fusion 360 Post processor library the only thing I turned off was the 'use sequence numbers' it runs fine on my DDCSV with the latest firmware Ver: 2019-11-03-112 that I downloaded from the Facebook page.

I do not yet have the controller connected to a machine, I am only testing on the desk with the 4th axis wired up.