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29-06-2020, 01:30 PM
Newbie to this Forum and reaching out to see if anybody is able to provide any support with some issues I am having?

I have been recently involved with a business who have inherited a SCM TECH 95 CNC machine, the problem we have today is that operationally the original operator did everything manually, hand measure and transferred everything to the controller. Various coded abbreviations have been created for material sizes and drilling dimensions etc. Operationally the only person who knows how to operate is the outgoing user so I am looking at options?

I understand that the controller is TASK but what I would like to know is what I can do to make these processes a bit easier for training a new operator?

Is it possible for me to create drawings from a decent CAD/CAM program and send the code which I think is .NC direct to the TECH 95?

Is it possible to use the RS232 on the side of the cabinet to directly control the TECH 95?

Is it possible to replace the 3.5" floppy with a USB interface ( 3.5" conversion to USB ) so that I can create drawings, save to USB and plug into the TECH 95?

Any advice on this would be really appreciated.


30-06-2020, 09:35 AM
Unfortunately I can't help on the programming aspects, but having retrofitted USB conversions to 2 DOS PC's (and a friend to an old keyboard) I would say that is well possible. It would of course keep the 1.4MB limit on file size, though you can partition the USB stick to contain multiple 1.4MB files.

30-06-2020, 11:11 AM
Hi thanks for the reply, that's great to hear. Have done some research and seen this is possible... I did forget about the dreaded 1.4Mb file limitations, how did we manage in those days! Thanks again, nice to see this is an active forum.

30-06-2020, 05:41 PM
It will depend on the controller fitted but usually, you can drip feed code thru the RS232 using DNC software. Obviously the controller will need to have this function fitted or turned on in its parameters and you'll need the software. Now getting the software might be another story if it's an old controller.?

The other thing is that if you are wanting to run modern tool paths, esp 3D paths like relief carvings, etc that can have huge file sizes it might not be idle because of controller memory size so drip feeding will be restrictive on processing times and can be unreliable. Often these older machines are perfect for retrofitting with a modern controller because the machines are still good but controllers are from the stone age and restrictive if wanting to use modern Cam software/ toolpaths.

25-08-2020, 04:03 PM
Helo. Iím new on this forum and I an from Bosnia so sorry about my english.
I have same machine but with bigger issue. I have lost PLC parrameters Because my battery died. I allready try to contact SCM but notting. Can You please Copy and send my factory parrameters? I will pay for all expences. Thank You in addvance. Best regards.

07-07-2021, 03:18 PM
Donít suppose anyone has a wiring diagram for the Scm Tech 95 (1999) we are experiencing a few issues with our machine are struggling to find a copy of the diagram SCM are saying it is too old for them to produce on now. Thanks

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