View Full Version : BUILD LOG: anyone build edm pulse from ben's book in europe 200v ?

19-10-2020, 03:23 PM
hi i just got a book with last pcb and want to build one on 2 axis
1.. up down for one,and running in circles for 2 , will use one of 3d printers boards like mega with 2 4k
drivers for cnc part
2.. mechanical part will use one of cheap linear rails with 3d printer screw to go up down over square
3.. drill head for electrode
4.. will build rather large pan maybe in 450x450x250mm under will be thick hose to take dielectric
to filter (cheap car oil filter)and to pump and back inside
5.. electrical box will be normal metal pc case mini tower (have couple of these)
6.. el parts for pcb mouser or similar shops

rest mechanical will be from cheap free steel welded or screwed .like stepper holders ,main spindle screw
now problems :)

so this will be easy but main problem for me is this book say input are 110v or in short usa power
i am in europe so 220v in main
so anyone have part list for these 3 psu part of this project europe 220v side ?
someone say they just use local 220 v main with 24vac 10-12 Amp exit and rest same like in book like local model "TOROID 24V 300VA output 24V 12.5A" ??

is that right ?