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Busa Grip
18-01-2021, 08:27 PM
Hello all.

I'm after some help and advice the machining is beyond me I did a broad based engineering apprenticeship but that was 35 years ago Now I'm a vehicle tech and with other goals in life don't think I would buy the equipment to carry out the manufacturing.

The reason for the post is to identify part of the assembly. I thought it would be straight forward however using google I have come up blank.
I would call it a mechanical linear actuator but google does not agree.:hopelessness:

Has anyone seen anything like this actuator as a complete part or is it all made from scratch.
I have enclosed a couple of images and a view of the complete test jig. This example was from Russia I did try to buy one from the person but far too many problems made it impossible to finalise a deal.

The full rig is for giving a comparable reading to torsion spring hand grippers.

The other question. Is this sort of item something that someone on this forum would be willing & able to make? I think I can work out all the critical measurements. Just wanted to see about the acturator thing first.

Many Thanks for your time reading

19-01-2021, 12:14 AM
I'm assuming you mean the part with the t-bar handle, and not the overall frame?

I've got to admit it's not something I've ever knowingly came across.
I'd probably suggest a search of https://www.automotioncomponents.co.uk/en as they do quite a lot of different actuators/screws.

Busa Grip
19-01-2021, 01:03 AM
Thank you for the reply. Will check out the link.
Yes the part with the T bar handle. Its kind of like a bench vice screw https://www.benchcrafted.com/classic But with a flange bearing and a sleeve over the screw. What made me think it was shop bought is the finish to the inside cover where it goes through the plate it just looks too well made.
I was wondering if you could get just the mechanical part of an electric linear actuator. I would think its maybe made in China (close / easy to source if you live in Russia)
The rating is over 300kg pulling force (winding it in) or at least thats what the crane scale goes up to.
The nearest thing I have found so far is a screw jack for Cement Mixer Chute Hoist Jack (https://www.parjacks.co.uk/par-jacks-agricultural-equipment/par-jacks-bespoke-engineers-nottingham/par-cement-mixer-chute-hoist-jack-detail). But its nowhere near as refined.