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07-04-2021, 02:52 PM
I have a Bosch Rexroth EFC 5610 VFD which I control using the UCCNC Modbus Master plugin, which is part of the UCCNC default delivery. I am not only controlling it but also monitoring some of the parameters the VFD can deliver through Modbus. The values I am reading are presented in modified UCCNC tabs and fields. I removed some and added some others. Another major difference compared to the original UCCNC is the way I start the spindle. For example the following G-code does not cause any problems:

S24000 // Set spindle speed to 24,000 rpm
M3 // Start spindle
G0 Z -1
G1 X 100 Y 100
...and so on. The code works because I am checking the so called "speed arrival" signal sent from the VFD in my M3 and M4 macros, and simply don't continue unless the signal is set within a certain time. If the signal for some reason never comes then the G-code will be stopped. The advantage is that I don't have to care about the time it takes for the spindle to run up to speed, and also if one part requires slower rpm than the other, I don't have to care, I can use the same code after tool change. There is no feedback from the spindle, so of course, the VFD has no idea about the real state of the spindle except through checking the current, the voltage and the frequency it outputs, but this feature works very well.

Anyway, I have been using these features since several years, i.e. ever since I bought the VFD for 5 years ago, and I am very happy with it, glad that I don't have to use PWM and simple control. The other day I made a video showing the modifications and how I use these. I hope some of you are interested in watching it. Ask if you have questions regarding the macros, I can share these, but unfortunately, these work only with the Bosch VFD and I have no intentions, nor do I have time, to make them generic and usable for other VFD. Nevertheless, I can answer generic questions if anyone is interested.


07-04-2021, 04:38 PM
Nice work, I would be interested in seeing the macro's if you are willing to share.

08-04-2021, 08:05 PM
Thanks. Anyone interested can use this link below to download the three macros.


Follow that link, it should give you three macros, M3 and M4 replaced the original M3 and M4, and M20304 is running in a macro loop, so that one must me enabled to run all the time.


You must also modify the screens to present the values, as well as create a LED for the Speed arrival indication. There has been made some changes in UCCNC after 1.2047, so that is the last version in which my screens are working, I still need to work on the latest 1.2111 version of UCCNC to make it work in the newer versions also. Once I am ready, I will share those as well, but right now I am still using 1.2047 and have no time to fix what's needed to be fixed. Basically, what changed in UCCNC is that they changed the screen numberings, which in turn requires my screen numberings to be changed as well, so it's no big deal, but takes some time.

Anyway, good luck in using my macros, those can be implemented quite easily.