View Full Version : Laser stopping & starting when cutting acrylic

24-10-2021, 06:29 PM
Ahhhh where to start with this issue, it's driving me crazy! Basically I'm cutting acrylic and for some reason it doesn't cut all the way through / at all in random places across the laser bed and it only seems to start happening after a few jobs have gone through. Please see attached images. I have a GCC Laserpro X252

I thought I'd figured out the solution, that the water was getting too hot so bought a refrigerated water cooler for the laser but didn't get chance to do much experimenting before I needed to move workshops. I've now moved and 10 jobs have gone through without an issue but I am now getting the same problem as before.

It looks to me as though the laser is knocking off sporadically as it's cutting - in parts it's cutting fine, in other places it's cutting but not all the way through and then in some places it's not even cutting through the protective film.

It's happening all over the bed, so not in a specific place and it happens in different places each time I run a new job through.

I also rang tech support and they had me monitor the Ampage (I think) to see if it was dropping off at the same time as the laser was not cutting - it wasn't - it remained stable throughout - as did the light that stays on when the laser is active, that too remained stable and didn't blink at any point.

So I'm at a bit of a loss as to what it could be? Just wondered if anyone here had any ideas before I spend 1K+ just getting someone out to service it :blue: