View Full Version : Rabit 2/3 Injection molding machine (5 ton)

25-10-2021, 10:35 PM
Hello everyone, I know this is a long shot but i figured I'd post on the forum to see if there is anyone who has experience with these machines. I recently acquired two of these machines, machined a mold, and produced about 200,000 parts total so far.

The problems I'm having are issues with the toggle mechanism. When it goes to open, the toggle bangs. Its has progressively gotten worse to the point where now i feel like it needs to be addressed before it destroys itself banging away running 24 hours straight at times.

Interestingly, when there is no mold in the platens, and you dry cycle it, the toggle doesn't bang and it cycles smooth as can be.

I'm also having some issues where when the mold opens and starts to begin the next cycle, the toggle binds up and prevents the press from closing.

Anyone have experience running these machines? There is not much information on them.