View Full Version : CNC Lathe Emcotronic TM02- 220

01-11-2021, 02:51 PM
This machine had an extensive service/overhaul including fitting a rebuilt motor, approximately 3 years ago but due to ill health has not been used since. It had been used for several years to produce the necessary turned parts for our own products. It has been run from a 6kw rotary converter to produce the necessary 3 phase. This however is no longer available, which puts us in the difficult position of being unable to operate or demonstrate the machine, hence its low price.
The machine has the capability of turning up to 1” dia. bar through the headstock using the collets, also has separate soft jaw chuck. Speed range is up to 6000 rpm. It has a 3 phase motor of 6H.P, programmable parts catcher, & memory for lots of programmes.. The turret holds 8 tools. There is a full selection of collets, complete engineers toolbox holding t/c tips and tool holders, various tooling, Full set of manuals are available. Uses fanuc language ‘g’codes. No bar feed included. Special offer price only £1000 Buyer arranges removal and transport.