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Portland Jon
06-05-2022, 08:46 PM
Hi all.

I've had this machine for a week now and just can't get the drivers installed. I downloaded the Windows 7/8/10 x64 drivers and they install fine with the executable and all looks good. I'm using the MDX-40 driver as it's the same engine as the 30. As soon as I plug in the MDX-30 the OS picks it up as an unknown device Roland TS-30. Everything I've read says to update the driver and point it to the MDX-40.inf file to install the correct driver. The problem is that Windows then says that the driver is not a valid x64 driver.

I've even turned off driver signing and tried so many ways to install it that I'm tearing what little hair I have left out. Please help guys.

Thank you.

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Portland Jon
10-05-2022, 05:52 PM
I've finally sorted the problem with the drivers. It seems that the driver is incompatible with the UEFI file system that has been in use since Windows 7. I didn't know what UEFI was until yesterday but now I do. I had to delete the system partition on my PC then convert it back to the old style MBR (Master Boot Record) system. Then so the system could see it I set the BIOS to boot into Legacy Mode. Then it's plain sailing to install Windows 7, I used Windows Ultimate x64. Once it was installed I connected the MDX-30 via USB and turned it on. Windows saw it and installed it as TS-30 unknown device. Then I extracted the .zip driver file from Rolanddga website into a folder and in Devices and Printers updated the driver to the MDX-40 one. Windows grumbles about it but click Use this driver anyway and all went well.

That's about where I am at now but I have installed Dr Engrave from Rolanddga and sent it to the machine. I didn't set the tool depth but the tool spun and the machine carved out a test pattern in the air above the work piece.

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