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25-05-2023, 02:11 PM
I have a 2010 AXYZ A2MC controller in my machine in Australia.

The machine is made by multicam Australia and is a S2512V with a pneumatic front rack tool changer.

the problem I have is that I am trying to replace a faulty Z axis driver. (multicam sells these for $3200 the generic driver is $78)

I have the driver wired up correctly but the controller board will not operate the motor through the generic driver.

I have swapped a genuine multicam X axis driver into the Z axis to test the other parts (motor and wiring) and it works perfectly with the genuine driver.

The replacement generic driver i have for the machine has the correct input voltage range for the input 45v DC, the A+A- and B+B- are wired up correctly, as are the -pul to step on the main board and Dir from the board to the dir- on the driver. the 5v feeds the driver pul+ and dir+. the driver show no errors and when the machine boots up there is holding torque on the motor.

I believe the controller must have a setting that needs to be adjusted to suit the driver step settings ? but I cant get at any of the installation settings.

I purchased and downloaded the configuration manager from A2MC but it comes up that I have version 5.30 and need to upgrade to 6.32 but them fails to update.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

25-05-2023, 02:14 PM
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26-05-2023, 01:35 AM
id like to keep the machine original with the AXYZ computer,

but it may be that my only option is to replace with another control system.