View Full Version : Heiz Machines unwrapped

21-06-2010, 01:20 AM
Whilst researching the best machines on the market besides rhomax, and PDJ pilot pro I came across Heiz before I discovered prototools when I read this post CNC-Step High-Z S-400 or Marchant Dice MDL-2-TR ? (http://www.mycncuk.com/forums/showthread.php?542-CNC-Step-High-Z-S-400-or-Marchant-Dice-MDL-2-TR) posted 20.4.2009, I obviously misread it however I did ask them about this an they sent a very nice informative reply, as for cutting aluminium depends on grade, feed speed etc and they sent this picture.

Okay see what you mean but looks pretty sturdy, they assure me cutting 1 mm alum shouldn't be a problem as long as the feed rates are not too aggressive or the tooling is clogged up when attempting to plunge into the material. They suggest using a squirt of cutting fluid or a drop of light oil at the entry point usually ensures that the flutes of the cutting bits are kept clear and avoids any clogging up of the tool tip. There are many variations of aluminium and some are much softer than others and more likely to gum up and cause vibration. A test plunge and withdrawal for inspection will usually enable any such issues to be understood and corrected with additional lubrication. I am sure there is enough expertise on this site to design a modified assembly should it ever become necessary, or desirable I have read so many positive reviews of these machines, some exceptionally big companies have even bulk purchsed them to increase their productivity and quality so I think that speaks volumes, I would probably go with the PDJ if I wasn't going to end up paying 20%, 17.5 vat and 2.5 duty and of course $500 shipping, but their kit bits look good and there is always the half chance certain will get through customs tax free, but I wouldn't bank on it of course.