View Full Version : prima plasma inverter pp35 for cnc

08-03-2012, 12:52 PM
i have a prima plasma inverter pp35 it is a hf start machine can i use this machine for cnc>
if i can what would i need to do ?


Web Goblin
08-03-2012, 01:20 PM
This could be used for cnc. The start/stop is probably only a two wire connection so you can switch this via a relay easily enough. One problem you will have though is shielding from the H.F. If this gets in to the electronics it can cause lots of damage at worst and simply positioning problems at best. You will need to ground all parts of the machine with a decent size cable probably around 35mm squared would do for that size of power supply. Run all cables back to a "star" point on the frame somewhere then connect this to your earth connection from the power source. You would also need a pause in your program at start of cuts to allow the plasma to cut through the material first and establish a stable arc before the machine starts to move. For thin material you will be cutting probably around 1 or 2 seconds will do. Also unless your bed is very flat and level your would need torch height control to maintain a constant distance between the tip of the plasma torch and the material being cut and this is not so easy to do.
You wou also need an extraction and filtration system for the fumes created by cutting.