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15-03-2012, 02:56 PM
Before I begin, please accept my apologies in advance for what may seem like a completely stupid question ! I'm new to CNC.........

I am considering buying a TRIAC mill, believed to be from around 1994. I don't have a serial number, but I do know the machine is fully enclosed and with a 6 station tool changer and supports Fanuc or Heidenhain simulated interchangeable controls.

I want to create my drawings in Autocad, and use these to generate the machine program. I keep getting conflicting information suggesting this is'nt possible, but I'm not convinced this is true. I posted a note on the Denford forum, but as yet I've not had any replies, so perhaps it is impossible.

So, can I draw my component in Autocad, post process it using tools to be defined, then download into the machine and have the part cut ? Sounds simple to me, but am I missing something ?

I also see a number of people have switched to Mach3 control. Assuming all the existing electronics are sound, is there any advantage to this ?

Thanks for any help !


15-03-2012, 09:29 PM
Hi Jason,

Don't know anything about the Triac control software or machine but I would presume that it's a proprierty software which forces you to use there design software.? And to some degree there own hardware/software to control the steppers or servo's.?
It may or may not allow you to import drawings from other cad packages but even if it does allow formats like DXF,DWG etc then chaces are you will still have work to do within the software before you can start cutting.!!. . . . Won't be simply load and start cutting I'm pretty sure of that.!

I think this is why others my have moved away from using the Triac control software so they can have the flexabilty of using any CAD/CAM software they like.!!

Unfortunatly I also suspect this will mean a few changes required to the control box and the chances are you will need to replace there proprierty custom drives or circuit boards with aftermarket drives and maybe a breakout board. Things like PSU's and some of the other componants like spindle boards ets will possibly be re-usable.?
Thou I suspect due to the tool changer you will have some custom built boards in there some where and chances are it's running servo's so could become expensive to retro fit.??

Sorry can't be of more help.!!