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30-05-2012, 08:09 AM
Hi everyone, I am not from or part of Shapeoko. But I am just posting here to make more people aware of it, and also to try and rustle up a few more buyers to get this amazing project onto the production line. Shapeoko, is being launched in partnership with Inventables, and the deal is if 100 buyers are found the project can go into production, but if 100 buyers aren't found then it gets scraped. And to make things a little more complicated there is a deadline; IN LESS THAN 2 DAYS TIME!!!
A bit of info on the project (copied from the Inventables site);




These are simple, low cost, open source CNC milling machine kits that can be built in about 3-5 hours. Assembly is required before you can use it.
This machine has been under development for the last four years. Edward Ford has been designing, redesigning, and building what he hoped would be a CNC machine that anyone can build. Make Magazine did a nice article on the project.
The entire process is built around open source components. From CAD and CAM software to the CNC controller, every step has an open source solution. Every nut, every bolt, every belt, is fully documented with part numbers and vendor list.
The reason you would consider ordering one of the three kits vs. sourcing all the parts yourself is convenience.
Mechanical Kit $199 (to the Uk including the delevery this adds up to 150, an absoloute BARGAIN!)

The Mechanical kit is designed for experts that are interested in adding their own electronics or making serious modifications to suit their needs. After assembly of the Mechanical Kit, the Shapeoko will not be functional.
The kit only includes all mechanical components required for the build. Parts list
Full Kit $649

The Full kit is designed for makers who are comfortable rolling up their sleeves to complete the build but, want to source their own materials and tool bits to use with the machine. After assembly of the Full Kit, the machine will be functional but you will need to buy your own materials and tool bits to operate machine.
The kit includes the mechanical components, electrical components, stepper cable, waste board, tools for assembly, and a spindle. Parts list
Premium Kit $999

The Premium kit is designed for makers that are comfortable rolling up their sleeves to complete the build and want all the materials and tools needed to use the machine at their fingertips out of the box. After assembly of the Premium Kit, the machine will be functional and you will be able to start operating the machine with a set of colored Sharpie markers and card stock. Once you feel comfortable drawing with the machine you can replace the Sharpies with one of the included milling bits and start milling a part from one of the included sheets of material.
The kit includes everything from the Full Kit plus a starter set of materials and milling bits that can be used with the machine. Sharpie markers and card stock are also included. Parts list

So please be sure to check out all the websites, and your help would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks

31-05-2012, 05:59 PM
four years in developement,made me chuckle.:playful:

The whole thing makes me chuckle.:excitement:

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Oh dear :hopelessness:

31-05-2012, 07:37 PM
it dont look finished/ready for sale

31-05-2012, 08:17 PM
(whats with that odd bracket holding the belt on )

Its so it will go round in circles faster. . :joker:

31-05-2012, 08:39 PM
err if you say so ????

31-05-2012, 08:59 PM
err if you say so ????

i got them holding my computer desk together lol

this is what i was looking at http://www.shapeoko.com/ (http://www.shapeoko.com/)

right hand side of the machine

Yep I know exactly what you mean. . . .It's called a Bodge.!!! To get the circles quipe put a pencil on the desk and push or pull at the extreme end and see what happens.??