View Full Version : EXPERIENCE: Beltingonline.com

29-07-2012, 08:16 PM

I was looking for a lawnmower belt online and stumbled upon this company. Not only more belts you can shake a lawnmower at, but lots of other items that might be useful to CNC builders, like rack and pinion, belts and pulleys etc. On the topic of the lawnmower belt first, I found an excellent collection of parts manuals for over 40 mower manufacturers there too. There's also options of finding the right belt from the length and profile. Their prices were significantly less than the lawnmower dealer wanted.

Don't know if their prices are the very cheapest available for the CNC items, but they were the cheapest I found on the day I ordered. Another nice feature available is being able to have 2 grub screws fitted on the pulley for just a couple of quid, likewise with key ways or drilling to your size (although their website advises any additional work can add 2 or 3 days to the delivery while they do the work.)

Anyway my package arrives 3 days after ordering and one of the pulleys is the wrong one! (As JohnS mentioned in another thread, cock ups get made and it's not the fact that the cock up happens, its how the company or individual deals with the cock up that matters.)

A quick phone call later and they are going to check and promise to ring me back within the hour. Within 20 mins I get a call back, apparently someone else has opened a package with my pulley in it! They've got another pulley for me and will courier it to me, next day delivery, before 10.30! It was delivered as promised.

Friendly, helpful and quick to sort out the problem, nice people too. I've already ordered some more gear from them.

Ive just done a quick search of MYCNCUK and found that they are not quite the surprise I thought. Looks like others have been buying there already! :-)