View Full Version : Laptop controller question.

07-01-2009, 04:33 PM

I am using a HP zv6149EA laptop with a Lindy D25 PCMCIA cardbus that is seen as a LPT port. with Master CNC Utilities as the Controller software until I can afford Mach3 for the system.

Right now I am waiting on my table and spindle to arrive (supposed to be today or tomorrow :(). I am running Stepperworld's MOSFET 3 Dynamo set up with NEMA 23 steppers.

What I am wondering is once I get all the parts together (hopefully tomorrow minus some of the miiling bits I have ordered), is whether or not I will need to go in and change the address of the PCMIA card to get it to work properly?

Next question is what type and or level of sheilding would be best besides a UPS with intergrated protection on both the mill as well as the computer (I disable sleep mode when working from line supply power)? I have heard alot on Opto isolation, but if on seperate circuts or shielded circuts (UPS inline) are they really needed?

Wil be posting a few other question in other areas as CNC is a new world to me and while I like the challenge, any help in overcoming the learning curve is greatly appreciated.