View Full Version : EXPERIENCE: Do not buy an xyz cnc machine !!

David Maybury
06-09-2012, 08:37 AM
my company i Birmingham UK has a SMX 2500 cnc machine and I have had nothing but problems.
XYZ have even stopped ringing me back.
We have lost money and orders due to the incompetance of this company.
The machine is only just 2 years old and has hardly been used, and yet has been inactive due to machine failure
for about 3 of that 24 months, the rest of the time is problem after problem for example
1 - In the first year the reader unit needed replacing
2 - The draw bar does not eject the tool holder if left in over night. (My air supply is twice that advised and powers my hurco with no problems.)
3 - The door limit sensors failed, the guy on the phone said that NEVER happens,- the engineer told me everyone takes them off!!, so now I have to run the macine with no sensors on the doors!!
4 - I have this year had a new pendant fitted.
5 - I now have a critical error on the X, Y and Z axis after I start the machine so again I cannot use it!.
I have rang them on numerous occasions to no evail.

Luckily we purchased a HURCO, and not only has this machine perfomed as a new machine should.