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james mcgrew
17-01-2009, 01:44 AM
i will post in here as i am an absolute fan of vectrc (an english company)

i met tony mac in atlanta and he has provided me with on of the most profitable components of my business

i'll post some of the work here, i post on vectric forum as "cabnet 636"

the forum is here


Lee Roberts
17-01-2009, 02:04 AM
I'v just been in contact with tony, he's poping a link to us on his site to ! i'm hoping he will be joining us shortly!

I was wondering...

I'm hoping to do some light engraving work on some ali parts i plan to make, would you recommend a vectric product for this kind of work or ?

james mcgrew
17-01-2009, 02:16 AM
vectric has vcarve pro it's base and exceptional product, it is a lot more than the name implies, cut 3d will import a 3d file for machining and prepare a tool path that can be incorporated with vcarve for adding text and other features to make signage, cut 2d is entry level base bare bones cam for importing a dxf and creating a tool path

ASPIRE is the latest and greatest, with all of vcarves features and 3d file production capabilities, i am still very new at using it but it's nearest competitor in the software world is 9000.00 more in cost, the vectric crew have a strong support based forum and you will find many in the uk are owners, absolutly incredibile software,

the real kicker is you can download and trial all of thier software before purchasing, any one who i have seen purchase and want to operate it has been helped to success with it buy not only the other owners but the vectric crew as well and there never has been a charge for support.

i am off to bed it has got to be late in england as well!!