View Full Version : EXPERIENCE: XYZ Machine - My Experience

David Maybury
03-12-2012, 11:04 AM
yes you have guessed it! my XYZ cnc machine is down- AGAIN!!
Had this thing 2 years now and I guess I have had it out of action for about 8 months of that.
The amount of money and loss of work this shabby company has cost me is disgusting.

My next step I am afraid will have to be COURT ACTION!

Do not buy a machine off Martin Leaper of XYZ.
Once he has taken your money he will block all calls, the after service off this guy is the worst
I have known in ANY transaction I have had in my life.


Thank god for my HURCO, and the sales staff and after care is second to none.
12 months of shear bliss, no problems, and it saved my company from going to the wall.