View Full Version : 50/60 volt spindle inverter.

24-12-2012, 03:58 PM
I have a Jaeger spindle which I would like to use on my Pacer compact cnc router when I rebuild it. The router currently has a small perske spindle fitted,which is quite loud.

The advantage of using the Jaeger spindle (ex pcb machine) is that it is fairly quiet (I use one on my Wessel machine) has a speed range of 15K-60K,
(although I never go much above 35K or below 20K) and has a 3.175collet air chuck fitted. As this is ex pcb equipment I stick to using fixed length tools (preset in a small press) so never have to zero the Z axis. As I am quite good at breaking cutters (0.4mm-3.175mm)this is very useful!!!

If I use this spindle for the Pacer i shall need an inverter to drive it and I understand that it needs a high frequeny inverter drive of around 50/60 volts.

Does such a beast exist that will not break the bank. Please help.

Thanks, regards, G