View Full Version : hi i nead help please with setting up dsp control

18-01-2013, 11:34 PM
Hi i have just got a cnc machine my first one but i have not got a clue how to set it up.it runs on a dsp control but i have gone through the setup many times but cant get it right.dose anyone live in the scunthorpe area that would come and set it up for me.obviously i will pay you for your time.someone out there !!! thanks tom

19-01-2013, 01:18 AM
I'm a Newbie myself, and a million miles away from you Tom, especially in the snow and riding two wheels!
I havent got a clue what DSp is, but a two second google found this site.DSP Control Group Inc. - DSP-Based Motion Controllers (http://www.dspcg.com/Products/hardware/hardware.htm)
Question, is it one of them? if so what model? and have you read the destruction sheet?

If all else fails read the manual, post the info about what the machine is , model , spec etc, with as much detail as to what the issues are? and I'm sure someone on here, (even me) might be able to assist.

But as it stands , My magic wand is Kaput:chuncky: