View Full Version : EXPERIENCE: Avoid dealing with Valuframe

06-02-2013, 11:18 PM
Not normally a company annoys me to the point of making a negative post about them but Valuframe has done just that.

Valuframe - Aluminium Extrusions > Aluminium Profile > Aluminium Extrusion > Aluminium Profiles >Aluminium Profile Systems (http://www.valuframe.co.uk/)

I ordered a bunch of alu profile for some doors on my cnc base along with all the connectors, screws, nuts etc. The order arrived short a couple of profile nuts and a bolt - absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things but annoying since these are kits and come with the exact number of hardware required so were needed.

I contacted them 3 weeks ago letting them know I was short and would they get them in the post ASAP. They get back to me the next day saying they'll have to confirm its short before shipping replacements. God knows how you account for 2 nuts and a bolt lol! I wait and wait emailing them to chase up and besides the first email I got from them they ignore. I gave up in the end and ordered a bunch of them off ebay for a couple of quid. It should be noted they did get back to me 3 weeks after first contacting them to say the order was complete and they won't be replacing. Why the hell would I try to screw them out of about 50p worth of gear? Basically called me a liar there. And why did it take 3 weeks?

Doesn't matter if its a couple of nuts or bolts or an entire order that goes missing. Its how companies resolve issues and deal with their customers that matters and Valuframe is terrible. Avoid these idiots.