View Full Version : Help needed connecting IMO JAGUAR VFD to Orac

09-04-2013, 08:05 PM

Hi All.

I want my Orac lathe to be driven by the VFD shown in the image here.
This is an IMO JAGUAR drive borrowed from my Triac mill.
I've found this one better than the Parajust. Besides IMO has provision for reversing.
Pretty useful when tapping.
There are some differences between the two VFD inverters though.
First the Orac accelerates drive motor with the use of a 5000 OHMs electronic potensiometer (switching resistors probably with the aid of a CD4066)
and the IMO Jaguar needs 10000 Ohms potensiometer in order to bring motor at full stop.
I test ran the Orac motor with this inverter last night but could not deccelerate it to full stop. It keeps running at about 500RPM with the pot set all the way CCW.
Then I had to connect an on-off switch between terminals 10-11(run/stop). A normally(off) momentary switch did not work with the IMO JAGUAR because it seems like there is no latching relay there as was with Parajust.

Any advise of how to properly connect this type of VFD to the Orac controller will be highly appreciated.

thank you