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14-07-2013, 12:39 PM
Hi guys,my latest pastime.l bought this lathe not knowing what it was along with the seller,it was his late fathers,cost the princely sum of 150,as you can see it needed,still needs, a lot of work.lt was built in 1941 and the estimation is that there cant be more than ten left in existance,so that itself brings problems with finding parts have just replaced 2 gears in apron that were cut unique to this size lathe so finding a gear cutter that wanted to do them wasn,t easy, as they dont have a tool for the gear form,got 2 done still working on bevel gear.l have had 3 owners of same lathe and they give it high praise saying they are worth spending the time and money on and that they run rings around any similar size lathe that they have owned(Quiet a few famous makes)the lathe was built with toolroom use in mind,and has Q,C gear box,and thread selector so was advanced in 1941-here are some pics,92699270927192729273927492759276is up to now,have a lot work to do.When completed l will test it against my boxford and the best stays.-onecut

15-01-2017, 04:36 PM
Hi There,
I have purchased 10" regal lathe but the brass plates for speeds and screw cutting are not readable due to wear. Do you know if they can be replaced, or is there an alternative method for reproducing the information?