View Full Version : My Benchtop Mill - Something I've Been Working on - a Taiwanese Emco FB-2 clone

03-12-2013, 10:36 AM
It's based on a very good 1980s Taiwanese clone of an Emco FB-2 head and column with a nice Italian table, all bolted to a custom made base.

The original motor was not inverter compatible so I've been running it on a 1/4Hp motor and drive I had spare. The small motor was a direct replacement shaft and frame size-wise, but always a little under powered, struggling to run at high speeds in cold weather until warmed up.

As the Tufnol primary driven gear needed replacing, which is a motor and top cover off job, and as a first step towards CNC conversion I've upgraded to an adequate 3/4Hp compact frame motor and drive.

Allthough the new motor is a compact frame model it still reqiuired a spacer plate and longer bolts to move the head out 8mm from the column and the motor mounting plate machining to take the larger flange. The new motor also had to be stripped and the shaft machined to take the primary drive gear, flywheel and oil impeller assembly.

Now I just need to tram it and get it used !

- Nick