View Full Version : A Sturdy Steel Framed Machine Design

Boyan Silyavski
06-11-2013, 05:58 PM
Hi guys,
thanks to all for the valuable inputs.

For now i have to wait until they cut with laser the pieces, so i can proceed further.

Meanwhile as a thanks to all for the help :encouragement:, here is the Sketchup file (http://silyavski.com/storage/cnc/cnc%20100x100x3%20profile%20x400y1000z200.rar)/its in winrar format for easier transfer/. So anyone who wants can use it as it is, use parts of it or just use the components or table drawings. Before ordering the laser cut parts i revised it piece by piece and against the ballscrews, housings, etc. So all small errors are fixed. It cost me a whole day to rework it precisely. The empty spaces are for epoxy, there are some clearances where necessary. The machine has work area of 400x1000x200 . Any questions are welcome if you have something that is not clear. The main point being here is that the machine is completely scaleable up to the limit of the ballscrews or with minor adjustments even up to 4x8 , this without changing the type or thickness of the profile. Other main point is that the drawing is final drawing, no need for correction before real assembly, however there are some steps to be followed, but easy to figure when playing and simulating the actual assembly. If by channce there is a small error i will fix it right away in the future.


So enjoy it and thanks again. Will update when i have more to show.