View Full Version : spindle with compressed air release collet

07-02-2014, 10:17 PM
I have just aquired another small router. This is another Wessel non working ex PCB drill/mill which I intend to restore and convert to operate using an AMC4 servo controller (similar to my existing router, but has an extra 150mm Y axis travel). I also intend to raise the gantry using "lifter" blocks. The machine will need a completely new Z axis. I have a high speed (15-60K) spindle which has a compressed air release collet chuck. This system is really nice to use , but I would like to find a slower speed spindle (say 10-20k ish) with a similar collet release system. Does anyone know of such a device which is not priced as if it were made of solid gold!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you. G.