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14-02-2014, 08:47 AM
Thought id start a thread, that I will try to keep up to date with bits and peaces I make with the new machine. In a bid to try and encourage others to show more "machine output".

As the farm in which my machine presently lives, is also a school (during the day when im not there!) I thought it would be prudent to knock about and see what I could do around the place.

These, are just scrap bits of wood that I found lying around. Admittedly, more time could of been spent selecting the material better. But Id not done anything like this before and was not confident they would come out so well.

Simply VCarved the lettering (zero'd z 1mm deeper than necessary)

roughly painted the lettering with black paint.

sanded the sh*t out of it, (loosing roughly 1mm) and removing excess black paint. Then varnished.


14-02-2014, 10:37 AM
Nice - I also went with some wooden signage to test out my machine for the first time, before moving onto harder materials.

Did you use a V bit for that? and of course what feeds and speeds, as I'm always looking to see what people are using to save me some time and experimenting?

Also - how do you find VCarve? I have Cut2D and Cut3D, which I'm getting grips with, but have aspirations for "etching" designs into aluminium sheet for a project from line drawings (raster rather than vector unfortunately) and wonder how it fairs at doing that kind of thing.