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03-05-2014, 01:00 PM
Hi folks.
Would anybody have knowledge to share about wiring ES-D1008 (Leadshine easy servo drive) and CSMIO/IP-S (ethernet motion controller). My concern of the control signals is that. Following manuals of both take's me nowhere. In CSMIO/IP-S manual there is diagram utilising PUL+,PUL-,DIR+,DIR- and FAULT+,FAULT-. In witch case ENA+,ENA-,INP+,INP- are missed out. Do I just leave them unconnected or use some looping strategy as if connecting with BOB as shown on the ES-D1008 manual. If that the case what goes with what be cause my little BOB is widely different than what's on CSMIO/IP-S witch only have step and direction while BOB have VCC,DIR,STP and ENA.
What do I do???

03-05-2014, 07:50 PM
Hi Matt,

Well first of all you don't need a BOB with CSMIO/IP-S so I suggest you Stop because your heading into trouble if your not sure what your doing.! The CSMIO use's differantial outputs and isn't tolerant of mistakes so you can easily blow something if you wire it wrong.

I will PM you my number to have a chat because I can't and won't help on the forum due to the information being easily misunderstood and your dealing with expensive equipment so don't want to be responsible for you getting reading it wrong. I will get you going and what you need to know isn't difficult to explain on the phone.

03-05-2014, 10:11 PM
No no I'm not connecting Bob to it nonono. I'm saying that is totally different to csmio and wiring diagrams are not shown for csmio but for Bob scheme. I've connected the thing at last leaving Ena positions unconnected (its enabling and disabling via software or summit) and got basic movement. Not all there yet but its impressive. Lot less noisy than using Bob and managed to set slave axis with no problem. But long way and miles of wiring to do yet. There is so much to learn and understand in such short amount of time! I will definitely call for help sure of that.

03-05-2014, 10:56 PM
Ok no prob just read like you where connecting to a BOB.!! . . . . Yes the CSMIO/IP-S is an awsome bit of kit as is the IP-M version just wished it would do slaved motors like the IP-S.!

The enable is just in affect a switch that is always ON unless it it see's a voltage. (It's active state can be changed with the software) 95% of the time folks leave them unconnected. The enable is an Handy thing to put in series with limits as it will stop the motors moving but still keep them powered and holding position.

The INP+/- (In position) I would just leave unconnected. IT could be used as a following error indicator but I wouldn't bother as it could be more trouble than it's worth.!

Ring anytime you feel the need.!