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13-06-2014, 08:59 AM
Hi ive been working on nx for a year and recently switched to a new job using solidcam 2011 to program cnc lathe and millings machines. The job i had with nx was all set up templates etc for tooling and speeds and feeds and was relatively straight forward. This new job however isnt set up and im starting from scratch with most of it.

Main problems at moments are.....

* creating a tool library as when i do create tools and mark them as permanent they seem to disappear when i do my next program
* creating turning tools ie length, min bore ie tip stickout
* differentiating between different milling operations for pocketing and 3d milling, hss, hsr etc. Im struggling with a job its basically a block and has a pocket on one side with milling inside with quite a few different radii and angles which require a ball nose cutter. I could do with maybe posting a pic of the component on here if someone could tell me how.

Any help on these matters or where i can find information would be greatly appreciated. I was promised training and havent had any and am expected to learn the new software by myself with the look of things.

14-06-2014, 10:29 AM
I use SolidCam2013 for milling only and I'm no expert but will try to help.

With tooltables you effectively have 2 types. PART table and MACHINE table. When you define a program you start with a Blank PART tool table and either define your own Local tool or import tools from the MACHINE tooltable (Can export your local tools into MACHINE table also). When you make permanent you are making Local tools permanent in MACHINE table I believe.?
You can access or edit the MACHINE tool library from the Settings page and same for shaped tools if you want to build specials. There are also lathe and Manufacturer tool tables Like iscar etc.
Would imagine you'll define your turning tools in here as well.?

Not sure what your struggling with regards operations so yes you'll need to explain more or post file/pic.