View Full Version : Basic Frame Design

04-01-2015, 01:33 AM
I've just started looking at the frame for my new machine and whilst looking at different ideas I have come up with what I think is a nice simple design that could be used as a basis for most machines.

The main members are 50x50x4 and the rest is a mix of 50x50x2.5 and 25x25x2.5 (but could be any size to suit) and the idea is avoid butt joints and use the full length of the member, this will simplify alignment and reduce welding distortion. The design looks a bit basic and raft like but is functional and the wider joints will increase the moment capacity of the joint and overall rigidity.

The bracing is designed as tension so they work in opposing pairs and can be of a smaller section, or could be the same size but a smaller wall thickness.

The bracing as I a have shown is a bit OTT but is more to show options. My opinion is that if it doesn't move then weight isn't and issue so best make it solid.

I'm sure it wont be to everyone's taste but someone might be able to take something from it. :0)