View Full Version : Water bath for cutting Carbon fiber sheet

23-02-2015, 12:21 AM
i'm starting a thread or more likely the step by step way I've built my own removable water bath for the bed of my Cnc so that I can cut carbon fiber without half of the dust going up my nostrils.
I got the idea from a YouTube video of a diy water bath that was being used to cut carbon fiber sheet. I decided to do somthing very similar.
first a list of parts:-
clear polycarbonate 60 x 460 x 10 mm this is the biggest size I could fit on my cutting bed
4 lengths of angle aluminium cut to size as big as I could fit(I messed up here I bought 50 x 20 mm aluminium only to find it hit the spindle so I am at the moment cutting 10 mm off the 50mm side with the Cnc a very slow process as I only have 2 mm bits but it is getting there)
epoxy glue and silicone sealant
m8 bolts and nuts to hold the bed secure and m6 to hold the carbon in the water bath
a small external fishtank pump and 2 m of tubeing (to empty the water bath with)
the first thing to do was alter the height of the aluminium at the speed I am doing that it will take about a day. The first side is just finishing as I type this post.

25-02-2015, 09:14 PM
Looks like I must bring this thread to an end just as it started.
although there is a video on YouTube of this being done according to the manufacturer of the carbon I will be cutting water and carbon are not a good mix I will go down the enclosure vacuum route.