View Full Version : Boxford VMC 260 Z axis removal? Any ideas?

18-03-2015, 12:09 PM
On getting my machine up and running with new electronics and BOB (documentation to come) i went ahead and milled a test part from aluminium.

Unfortunatly at this stage it was apparent there was some backlash in the Y axis. this was about 1 mm and taking apart the motor pulley cover, i could see the play in the screw.

I have removed the x axis and y axis, spindle and covers. This enabled me to get access to the ballscrew. i machined a spindle to allow me to draw off the nut so i could check it, but in doing so i heard the common dropping of balls. Thats ok, the work i do envolves refitting balls into ballscrews every now and then so my collegues can assist.

before i go and machine the new spindle, i was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the z axis from the unit.

I have removed some large bolts from the y axis base, but i cannot reach one thats hidden deep in the z axis base.

Has anyone had experience of splitting the axis? or shopuld i leave it alone and just leave it? Im going to machine a new dowel for refitting the balls in so i can hopefully slide it back on, but i, now at this stage may just clean the complete unit.

Also, anyone know if the balls in the screw are infact 1.6mm? Im about to order some packs!

this is my test piece i made, the part is a simple rectangle with a circle and pocket iabout 2mm depth. Idea being i could measure all axis. you can see the pocket is not central to the outer and the circle is oval!
So i took apart the axis and got to this stage and before i took the spindle off, i thought i would share tis image as the milling machine is designed to rotate the spindle - hence the 2 part plastic safety lid on the top!

So this is the stage im at, i cannot get the the last bolt (last is questionable) as its in the depths of the shell (image 2)
my previous test shows it is working well (here is 'tes' missing the final t due to demo version - i havnt added my license file yet)
Below is the roadrunner sample gcode - which is about 10mm long!http://www.mycncuk.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=14906&stc=1

19-03-2015, 07:10 PM
In the end i didnt remove the axis, i just rescrewed on the ballnut onto the spindle after machineing a bit more off from my diy tube.
I would delete this thread if i knew how!