View Full Version : First go at Fusion 360 Adaptive Clearing

15-10-2015, 07:52 PM
Hi All,

Rather than take the List of CAD/CAM Software thread off topic I thought I'd post this video of a test in plywood I ran this afternoon just to see if there were any "funnies" in the GCode Fusion 360 produces:


If you view very shortly after I post this the video may still be processing so no HD for a little bit until YouTube catches up.

The strategy was a little slower than expected, but whilst this video was uploading I did some GWizard Feeds and Speeds tweaking and re-ran the routine and tried it out in 6082 Aluminium (the part is a VESA 100 monitor adapter/mount) - it was very impressive, but that will come in the next video in my Sim Cockpit building series in a day or so. In fact it was awesome - I'm still a little buzzing from the results and have never cut or cleared aluminium like this before :nevreness: