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02-11-2015, 01:11 PM

I recently bought the below laser 2nd hand for a hobby, it didn't come with any manuals or guides and the PC software that came with it was Laser Cut 5.

I'm OK with designing on the software but the problem im having is the settings for speed and power, searching online for the machine I cant find anything, would anyone be able to give me some settings to use for the machine to cut and engrave please on ply, MDF and plastic in a couple of different thicknesses?

All i know is that its a 60W laser.

Many Thanks


02-11-2015, 04:49 PM
Hi Nick,

I'd very much suspect that you're better off loading a few blanks and seeing what works best for you - might be dumb to suggest it as you've probably already tried searching, but there must be a manual out there for your machine..?

I've only ever used the Epilogue Mini and even though the facility had the recommended feeds/speeds stuck to the side of the cutter, in practice over time these would change depending on the age of the tube - the older it got the slower you'd have to feed to make up for the loss of power...


11-11-2015, 10:07 PM
Hi We have a machine at work looks similar although it may have different software but its a Chinese 60w the control pad is really similar and its the same chiller unit. Like Nick said above tubes slowly degrade but these are some settings we use from memory. They may be a good starting point. There not the manufacturers just found through trial and error. Its a three year old tube. Remember materials differ as well. These settings are not for engravaving images.

9mm MDF cutting 5 speed 100% power
6mm MDF cutting 10 speed 100% power
3mm MDF cutting 15 speed 100% power
MDF line engrave speed 60 speed 20 power
Card cutting 60 speed 70 power
Card scoring 60 speed 14 power
3mm perspex 16 speed 100% power
I find ply differs a lot birch ply is tough stuff but laser ply is great stuff works similar to Mdf

All I can remember offhand hope these help

Edit the programme I am using is lasercut 5 Put corner power exactly the same as power so for 6mm MDF speed 10 power 100 corner power 100. Hope this makes sense