View Full Version : TEP CNC Milling Machine Software

17-01-2016, 01:34 PM
I have just bought a TEP CNC milling machine from a local school. Everything seems to work and have connected it to my PC, but it will not run the TEP software to run the application.

Looking at the CD rom it looks scratched and I think that the file is damaged. Do you know where I can get the software to run the CNC milling machine or if there is an alternative I can get from somewhere?

I know very little about this kind of thing and decided to get one to work on a art project i'm currently doing. I am cutting old 7" vinyl records into shapes. I originally did it by hand using a dremel, but this was a bit hit and miss and was taking a long time. I then had some cut for me by water jet cutting and then someone did some using a CNC machine. So I thought rather than get people to do it for me i'd do it myself. Hence buying an old one from a local school.

When the software is installed - how easy is it to get you shape cut? What format files does it recognise, illustrator, png, jpg, dxf?

Any help would be much appreciated.