View Full Version : Has anyone had any issues on installing Fusion with Norton on a machine?

26-01-2016, 11:44 PM
Evening All,

Autodesk have tried to help but I am over 7 almost 8 hours of trying to get itinstalled and no further along than when I started. Fushion 360 was put on mymachine prior to having Norton. Since the install of Norton the free trial ofFushion expired so I took it off on the understanding if I reinstalled I couldkeep the software for year on re-registering.

If you have got this far reading my message you have probably grasped that I amno wiz kid on computers but I think there must be an easier way. I think theissue may be something to do with Norton then again it could just be me goingwrong. A couple more hours of trying and I think I will have to send the PC tothe computer engineer.

Thanks for any thoughts


27-01-2016, 12:05 AM
Hi Steve,

Fusion should ask you whether you want to buy ths software or something. At that point it will give you the option to say that you are a startup or hobbyist.

Norton may be blocking some of the ports that Fusion uses to access the "Cloud" so worth googling if others are seeing this issue

27-01-2016, 12:23 AM
Hi Komatias,

Tar very much for the reply and adivce. Yes, it states the startup option it all looks like it is fine then at 2% in on probably the first 15 attempts it stops and comes up with Invalid entry Erronn 13 and a load of stuff I have no idea on! Later attempts got to 1% and failed in a similar way so not good. I think it is dam Norton I have tried to turn off parts of Norton but I have no idea what I am turning off! I am going to have some explaining to do if I take the computer to the engineer who told me not to put it on, that much I do know. I did not want to leave it on the side mind having brought it.

Thanks for the help