View Full Version : Maximum chuck size

28-01-2016, 11:24 AM
My cyclone has a 125mm Pratt burnard 3 jaw chuck, just wondered if it is possible to mount a 160mm chuck. Obviously will need to machine a larger adapter plate.
Thought that I had read somewhere the maximum chuck size for a cyclone was 150mm but can't find any info now.

28-01-2016, 11:54 PM
Stick a small bar in the chuck and measure the height over the bed and the height over the cross slide, factor in jaw protrusion for larger work and you can calculate the maximum chuck size that will fit the machine and your work requirements.

Since I converted to a headstock with integral ER40 collet chuck on my manual lathe I only use chucks for rough and odd shaped work and round that's over 30mm OD. A collet chuck has the additional advantages of concentricity, short Z length and small OD relative to work holding capacity,

- Nick